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Choosing the right eCommerce platform is the first step toward kick-starting an online business. There are several different options to choose from, but if you want your business to benefit from a flexible platform that offers control over the look and functionality of the online store, Magento is the one for you.

Magento, developed by Varien Inc., is an open-source eCommerce platform written in PHP. It was first publicly released in March 2008 and was later acquired by Adobe in 2018.

Magento users have access to hundreds of unique features – modules that help them attract customers. It also gives its users the ability to control the look, and functionality, as well as add many new features, such as Price & Product Promotions, Catalog Management, and Checkout, without compromising the shopping experience.


Magento is a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes and all industries. 

What is? Magento Development

Magento is a powerful, open-source eCommerce platform that allows businesses to easily build and manage online stores. With its robust features, scalability, and customizable templates, it enables businesses of all sizes to take their online sales to the next level. 

Trusted by the biggest brand, such as Coca-Cola, Ford, and Samsung, Magento proves to be one of the most flexible e-commerce platforms. Thanks to its reliability, it has managed to gather a huge group of enthusiasts, with 6,000+ Magento certified developers in the world today and over 300,000+ developers in the Magento community.

Whether you’re looking to launch your first online store or want to expand your existing business, this eCommerce solution can help you reach your goals.   

Benefits Magento Development


Extensive possibilities for e-commerce


Open source




SEO optimization


Optimised management


Numerous integrations

*Magento IT Solutions  

More than 250,000 merchants worldwide use Magento as their ecommerce platform. 

Why Choose Magento?

Tap into the benefits of Magento for businesses of any size and industry. 


Tailored for ecommerce

Magento perfectly responds to the needs of eCommerce businesses.



Magento is a strong, flexible and trustworthy eCommerce platform with many features that come to the table.



Magento is very stable and offers some of the best security features available.

Magento 1 vs. Magento 2

Officially, Magento 2.0 appeared on the market in 2015 - less than a year after the last version of Magento 1 - 1.9 was released. The following years were marked by intensive development of Magento 2 and its functionalities.

Magento 2 is a completely different platform compared to Magento 1, distinguished primarily by better performance, ease of use and the number of available functionalities. Moreover, Magento 2 supports the latest PHP and improves the overall speed of the site: it can take more orders per hour and page loads faster than Magento 1. In addition to cleaner coding and user-friendly dashboard, Magento 2 also offers meta tags functions for better SEO.

Overall, Magento 2 is faster, more SEO effective and more user friendly than Magento 1. 

Magento 2 vs PrestaShop  vs Shopify

PrestaShop, Shopify and Magento 2 share several similarities, beyond simply enabling you to sell products online. However, there are some important differences between these eCommerce platforms.

First of all, both Magento 2 and PrestaShop are open source, while Shopify is SaaS. What does it mean? In case of Shopify, you can’t control the whole code of your online store, as you only have access to Shopify API. Magento 2 and PrestaShop, on the other hand, are fully customisable.

However, there are some areas where Magento 2 outperforms its competitors. When it comes to sheer number of features, Magento is nearly unmatched. The platform offers excellent customisability, due to its extension and theming systems.

Moreover, with Magento 2 you get access to regular security patchesm ensuring the highest levels of security for your eCommerce business.

What services do we offer for Magento?

What services do we offer for Magento?


Implementation and development




Maintenance and support

Why Magento with Softwarehut?

Our accomplished developers can join the ranks of your e-commerce team in an extended team model to master Magento development. Our developers have experience in:


Magento 2.x, Magento 1.x and PHP development


B2B / B2C Magento 2.x implementations, migrations and integrations,


many different e-commerce projects based on different platforms, such as Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify etc.


working with modern front-end technology, such as jQuery, React, Knockout.js, Node.js, Angular. 

How can we help you in the Magento area?

  • Magento developers on-demand 
  • Custom Magento web development 
  • Migration on Magento or any other platform, 
  • Magento integrations with PIM, ERP, Accounting Systems etc. 
  • Magento maintenance services. 


Like every path leads to Rome - in your e-business everything will Lead you to Magento, now or later.

Marcin Baranowski
Magento Tech Lead

Process of IoT development

We follow a proven process to deliver your project.



Analyse, understand, clarify.



Development or implementation of an IT solution.



Continually help and improve.

Cost Magento Development

Store owners always want to get an accurate estimation of Magento eCommerce website costs. However, easier said than done. Estimating the final cost of Magento development varies depending on factors such as the amount of functionality and customization and number of integrations and their types.

Developing your online store using Magento will require hiring experienced Magento developers, whether by building your in-house team or investing in software outsourcing. The cost of the latter will depend on the scope of your project and hourly rates of a software development company you choose. 

We’re your team of IoT developers

At SoftwareHut, we’re a team of 200+ experienced software developers, ready to deliver your IoT solution. With over 200 projects delivered for our clients, we know our craft when it comes to bespoke software development.

We’re an extended team, which means we can join your project at any time, working hand-in-hand with your in-house software developers. You don’t have a team? No worries, we take on entire projects, too.

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Do you have any questions?

We’ve covered some of the most frequently asked questions to make your decision as straightforward as possible.

What models do you work in?

Whether you’re looking for a full project delivery, or just want some support in your team, we’ve got you covered. We have extensive experience in working both in extended team model, as well as an outsourced team. We can take on your existing project or build your software solution from scratch. 

Can I entrust you with the entire project?

Yes, we can develop your project as an outsourced team. IT project outsourcing is an increasingly viable investment for many companies seeking cost-effective enhancements to their team efforts. Our outsourced teams bring expertise and experienced with internationally recognised qualifications and are specialised to champion any IT project. 

Can I just hire missing devs?

Yes, of course! We specialise in working in an extended team model and can join your team any moment. 

Can I entrust you with the development of my store?

Our accomplished developers can join the ranks of your e-commerce team in an extended team model to master Magento development. We know all the tricks of Magento 2.x. and we are ready to jump in into any kind of project. 

Do you provide support?

Yes, of course. We go above and beyond to respond to your needs. 

Can I use Magento if I work in B2B?

Yes. Actually, Magento is regarded as a go-to option for B2B companies when they want to choose a convenient and secure eCommerce platform that meets all the requirements such as eCommerce integration. 

Can i use Magento if i am Enterprise?

Having worked with enterprise clients before, we know first-hand how to deliver software for your business. With a team of experienced software developers, we can support you as an extended team or deliver your product from scratch. Through proven software development methodologies, we can safeguard an optimal product quality for your enterprise software. 

What to look for when choosing a Magento partner?

There are many aspects that you should consider when choosing a Magento partner but above all you should look for their reputation, portfolio, pricing model and rates, as well as communication and transparency. 

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