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The lifecycle of a IT project is extensive, with numerous processes and stages, as well as multiple people working on it. Software Quality Assurance (SQA) can assist you in ensuring that your product is of the highest quality and meets the specifications you have established.  

SQA is a systematic approach that  helps companies ensure the efficiency, functionality, and security of their software products. To avoid releasing a faulty product, software quality assurance examines the system and all of its components for potential vulnerabilities, mistakes, and other flaws. It aids in the delivery of high-quality software that meets the demands and expectations of your client and future users. 

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Benefits of Software Quality Assurance 

Make your product the best it can be with SQA services


Customer satisfaction 


Minimized cost


Consistent results 


Higher profits 


Secure software 


Improved brand image 

About 70-80% of development costs are usually spent on correcting bugs

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Functional & regression testing


Exploratory testing 


Requirement testing 

Efficient software quality assurance consultancy 

We work with different types of testing, depending on what the client needs.  

When there is no software documentation and the engineer must learn about the product through work, the exploratory testing method is suitable. This strategy necessitates less formalistic preparation, asit does not adhere to the script and encourages thinking outside the box. 

We also do requirements testing – our work starts even before the actual programming. We make sure all the documentation is clear and interpretable only in one proper way. It is also a good way to make sure the nomenclature and UX principles used across the system are consistent, if multiple products are under development. 

We mostly focus on functional and regression testing, which do not require coding skills but rather a good overall understanding of business. The scope of such tests is selected by risk evaluation and time available – such tests are good to automate, as they often refer to features that are not planned to change in the nearest future.

Functional and regression testing  with the best technologies 

Regression tests are excellent candidates to be included in automated tests suites - they require little effort to maintain (compared to any new features), yet they will provide valuable feedback for each build. Of course, automation itself does not increase the quality of the end product, but it will raise confidence during each release cycle as it communicates stability of critical areas of the software. Manual effort is limited by time and money, whereas automated testing can be performed at a much lower cost and in much less time. 

Among the technologies we use when working with automation are .NET (C# + NUnit + Selenium WebDriver, C# + SpecFlow + Selenium WebDriver) and JavaScript (Cypress). We can, however, adapt to the tools specified by the customer. 

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Software Quality Assurance Cost 

Depending on the scope of your project, the team size and the time limits, the final cost of software quality assurance services will vary. Our experts will estimate the workload and calculate the overall cost. 

Billing options often used for such services include fixed pricing and time and material. The fixed-price budget is settled ahead of work and does not fluctuate over time. Time and material, on the other hand, will take into account delivery time, even if it varies over the project.

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Software Quality Assurance is the practice of monitoring software engineering processes and activities to ensure they meet certain requirements. It takes place before, during and after the software development cycle. 


One of the common problems that can be solved with proper quality assurance is insufficient integration of testing and development processes. The lack of test automation and standardised testing tools is also a frequent issue that can be avoided easily. 


Software Quality Assurance helps ensure that a software product is efficient and meets the customer’s requirements. A well-developed QA process can improve the workflow and, by preventing possible issues, save time and money. It can also lead to faster development and seamless release of the finished product.


A business using QA services is not the only one benefiting from them. Quality assurance gives you insight into your client’s needs, making it easier to fulfil their requirements. You can deliver a well-polished product and make a great impression on them. Consequently, a happy customer will provide a boost to your employees’ motivation. 

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