Hubert Zub

Software Developer/TechLead

Programmer and architect hardwired to front-end and web-like technologies. Thinks that JavaScript is the best thing that could happen to humanity in the 20th century. He is interested in everything that is going on in your browser - from first electrons that are emitted from back-end server machine to last pixels rendered in the web browser.

He thinks that the art of dialogue between a developer, a project manager and a business representative uses a bit antiquated approaches that need reinventing. He believes that many projects suffer from inadequate requirement definition - and by using proper tools and practices, we can finish every single product perfectly.

SoftwareHut’s Best Front-end Practices

The front-end world is changing faster than the songs on the Top 100 Singles Chart. What was a hit yesterday can be forgotten tomorrow. The same thing can happen to technologies used by front-end developers. But forget about that for a while. Instead, be aware of the fact that there are some strict standards that […]

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27 May, 2017

Why Programmers Don’t Understand Requirements?

We all know projects which are a waste of company's money and which generate sadness for programmers. Is it possible that the source of them is a poor language, used by management in the documentation?
- Of course! - developer screams.
- Impossible! - analyst answers.

The duo from distant and cold Bialystok, together with this small, travelling circus will try to bring together those two worlds. They will show you the most popular fails connected with describing requirements in IT project. They will tell you about what is the result of them, how to avoid them and why is it worth to spend time and money to prepare requirements in the best possible way. Intended effect? Better communication in your projects, less effing and blinding, and more love in your teams.

You are all invited!

9 March, 2017

Dependency Injection without framework in 10 minutes

Dependency Injection simpler than you thought.

16 March, 2016

Web Developer in the world of windows? Win 10 apps written in JavaScript.

Have you ever heard about WinJS? A Windows Library for JavaScript? It might be fun.

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