Maciej Szymczuk

Regional Director - USA

Entrepreneur, front-end developer, technology enthusiast. A leader who is always pushing himself beyond limits. Firmly believes in the strength of teamwork, but has the ability to work independently. Ambitious with a creative and analytical mind that always guides him to find the most optimal solution for finishing tasks on time.

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18 CRM Benefits that Will Improve Your Bottom Line

CRM benefits are what made this software so popular. Today, customer relationship management solutions are the biggest software market globally. Maintaining a good rapport and reputation with clients and users requires considerable know-how. That’s why when the stakes become higher, a digital solution becomes the only logical choice. With a variety of tools available, you […]

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5 Types of CRM Software and How to Choose One

CRM software is now the biggest software market globally. There’s every reason for this, as companies are competing to win clients.  Here are five types of CRM software you need to know and how you can choose one that fits your business perfectly. The market of CRM software is now worth a quarter of worldwide enterprise application software revenue, which […]

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