02 December 2021

The Best App Development Guide to Building Your First Mobile App


Did you know that you can find 2,87 million apps to download in the Google Play store. Every year that number increases, making it intimidating to create an app that gets noticed and stay at the top.

Countless businesses are trying to follow the trend and build an app to boost their brand. However, creating a mobile app needs to be supported by a well-chosen mobile app development team - especially if you are doing it for the first time.

In this guide, we'll look at how to build your app using the best developer resources available. Each idea and method will help you to learn how to make apps from scratch, optimize its source code, and launch them with positive feedback.

Start with a strategy

It is important to have a strategy that is as fail-safe as possible. Since the mobile app market is huge, you need to start with an excellent app idea, determine the app's target audience, identify your competitors, and do extensive market research. This project may require you to learn iOS development, or build apps with specialist developer knowledge

You should also choose the mobile platform for your app in advance and adjust the strategy accordingly. Would you prefer to create an app for Android, or an iOS app? Building an app for Apple's App store and for Google's platform is a entirely different story.

Your team may take many months to develop the app, so it's best to take the time upfront and dedicate it to planning. We do not want to waste effort and money on a solution that does not have clearly defined goals, do we? 

Select an achievable goal

There is a fine line between ambition and feasibility, and in this industry, the key is to balance the two qualities accordingly. It's good to remember that a genius app idea is not everything, when creating it becomes impossible.

It may seem obvious, but putting an achievable goal down on paper is the first and most effective step you can take. The reason for this is so that both you and your team can understand the big picture of the entire app. Perspective will be your guiding compass in this, and is one of, if not the most important quality you can have when building your app, in my opinion.

Articulating your goal is a step that many dismiss as unimportant or too general, but you should make it a priority. This will enforce the purpose and idea behind your app, and establish the reasoning behind each phase of your app's development.

With growing competition and companies developing their mobile apps in all areas and niches, with Carrefour and Duolingo serving an example, you need to be prepared for the mobile battle. 

Research rivals & information structure UX

Did you know that 70% of users abandon an app, if it takes too long to load? The world of mobile apps is cruel and users' attention spans are short, so considering your competitors right after setting your goals is a must.

You cannot be left behind. If your competitors are providing an interactive and engaging experience in their app, you need to change your strategy or features so that you can stand out and attract users in a new, competitive way.

Try to pick at least three opponents that operate in the same app store that you are interested in. Research for their goals and market trends. While it's possible that your competitors have not developed their apps yet, that should not be a reason to be less diligent. 

Pay special attention to the visual representation of your app new features and framework. You need to figure out what data your app will show users, what data it will collect, how users will interact with the final product, and how they will navigate within the app.

It's always easier to design a user interface using a visual hierarchy of your app features. A good way to do this is to use a legend that illustrates different types of components and screens using a flowchart. If you want to make an app with a great success, embrace your UX before your competitors do it faster. 

Create effective wireframes and mockups 

Now comes the fun part.

Create a storyboard for your app. You need to plan how you want each screen to work. This way, you'll make sure your software follows a user flow that makes sense. There are several free wireframing tools, such as MockFlow, Figma, or Cackoo.

Also, remember to hit the final renders of your app's visual design. Expect to make further changes to your app's information architecture, workflow, and aesthetics as the design progresses. One of the most common tools for creating high-fidelity mockups is Adobe XD. 

Development, build, test, function  

The development phase is the very essence of your new app and should be supported by the creation of functional documentation that should be supported by the creation of the backlog of all features of the app.

Only after these requirements are met can developers get to work and delve into the creative process of the front-end and back-end segments of the app. The programming phase has officially begun as well. A developer can also opt for open source materials, to build your idea into fruition.

With the competent developers and proper guidance, all the important features of the applications, the coding side invisible to the users, the API and the final visual elements of the product, will work well together. 

We can to avoid as many common app development mistakes as possible. Throughout the development phase, extensive quality testing must be performed in collaboration with your QA team. We want to make sure the application is reliable and functional before we make it available for beta testing.

A good idea here is to apply test cases and functional tests. However, the final implementation must reflect the user experience defined by the app design builder. The functionality of your app should be tested by as many users as possible to cover as many potential test conditions and get user feedback.

  • Does this app reach the landing page of your web site?
  • Is there an example where the code does not function properly?
  • Which devices work more effectively with your digital creation?

The final stage will of course be to send the app out into the wild, to an app store for beta testing. 

Make an app like a pro

Android and iOS development are an ongoing process that continues after the initial launch as you gather user input and implement more features. Think of your app creation as the first step in a long process of launching innovative and effective strategies to keep your business profitable. 

Whether you're looking at how to build the perfect iOS apps, or navigate the ultimate Android app development best practices, take care to design using some of the suggested approaches. Of course, the essential element to creating these digital tools is through the power of a capable and competent group of developers and app designers.

And if you need help for an app idea, or want to create the ultimate web solution, or mobile app, don't hesitate to contact us for additional assistance. Our talent can work to ensure a successful release of your first business app without incurring expensive staffing costs.

Now is time for your digital creation to succeed - all the best!

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