15 January 2023

Why Should You Go Serverless With Azure?


It is no surprise that serverless computing services such as Microsoft Azure are getting more popular, as the serverless architecture can offer greater scalability, flexibility, and a quicker time to release at a reduced cost. In addition, serverless applications reduce operational conditions on every advancement cycle, allowing development teams to progress on their work faster. 

Netflix is one of the pioneers of using serverless architectures, but that does not mean that serverless computing is only suitable for big companies. Azure is an ideal platform for businesses of all sizes to take full advantage of a serverless framework, and it provides low-cost solutions that can handle virtually any workload. 

What is serverless architecture? 

Serverless architecture is a cloud computing service that removes businesses' need to manage their own physical servers. Instead, it uses the existing managed services available through the public cloud without server software or hardware management. As a result, serverless computing provides a cost-effective way for businesses to scale their applications and services, as the cloud providers handle the underlying infrastructure. It also eliminates the need for businesses to invest in and manage complex server systems, enabling them to focus their efforts on developing their applications. 

What purpose does Azure serve in serverless computing? 

Microsoft Azure (previously known as Windows Azure) is the company's public cloud computing platform. It offers a wide range of cloud services, such as computation, analytics, storage, and networking. With these services, users can build and grow new applications or use existing ones in the public cloud. In addition, Azure's serverless computing capabilities enable businesses to quickly and cost-effectively deploy, manage, and scale applications on demand with little to no administrative effort. 

What are the benefits of going serverless with Azure? 

  • No server management is necessary. Businesses utilising Azure functions no longer have to worry about managing complex server systems. This saves time, money, and other resources that can be reinvested in the business. 
  • You are only charged for the server space you need, not the entire infrastructure. This makes serverless computing with Azure a cost-effective solution for businesses, allowing them to only pay for what they use. 
  • Code can run closer to the end user, decreasing latency. This enhances the user experience and can result in higher customer satisfaction. 
  • You can create virtual machines in Windows, Linux, or any other configuration in just moments. 
  • You can deploy serverless applications quicker with Microsoft Azure. This saves time and money because the returns are seen much sooner. With the ever-changing technological landscape, the ability to deploy code quickly is critical. 
  • Scalability is increased with serverless functions, as resources can be added or removed as demand changes without manual intervention. Microsoft Azure allows businesses to scale quickly and easily, allowing them to meet the demands of rapidly changing markets. 
  • Azure provides Serverless Workflow Orchestration that helps to integrate data and applications. Moreover, Azure logic apps can help with designing a serverless workflow with features such as Serverless Messaging and Azure Event Grid. 
  • The NoSQL blob storage allows you to store structured and unstructured data as JSON objects, JSON arrays, or text. Users can also use Azure Cosmos DB to store the data of their web application. 

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Why trust Azure functions? 

Azure is a Microsoft cloud services platform that can help you bring your solutions to life. It provides a broad and complex range of services, including computing, analytics, storage, and networking. In addition, Azure functions offer excellent scalability, enabling your solutions to adjust to changing needs and handle large workloads. It also provides a good level of security for your code and all data in the cloud. 

Azure serverless solutions - the summary 

It is worth going serverless with Microsoft Azure in the current digital transformation era, as it offers a lot of functionalities and makes it easy to create and globally deploy applications. It also gives you almost limitless storage options and provides a convenient migration. It is worth going serverless with Azure functions, as it offers a lot of functionalities and makes it easy to create and globally deploy applications. Azure serverless solutions can boost productivity and optimise resources while also enabling you to focus on your tasks. 

It also gives you almost limitless storage options with its blob storage and provides a convenient migration. By allowing you to back up data in multiple locations, Azure ensures an extra layer of security, giving users peace of mind that their data is secure and safe from any potential disasters. There is a reason why almost 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies use Azure services for their serverless computing needs.