Dobrosław Duszyński

Managing Director Norway at SoftwareHut Nordic

Currently establishing SoftwareHut operations in Norway. Active on developing IoT solution for Nordic companies. Machine learning and deep learning passionate (AI is just a buzzword).

examples of healthcare experiences cover

8 Examples of Healthcare Experiences We’ve Delivered for Our Clients

Having worked with many clients from the medical industry, we developed a deeper understanding of what it takes to deliver an exceptional healthcare experience. As healthcare goes digital, we’ve been tasked repeatedly with adjusting existing experiences to modern needs or even to create innovative eHealth solutions from scratch. Thus, this is the list of 8 […]

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Here’s Why You Can’t Run a Business Without a Mobile App

Gone are the days of hype around mobile applications.  Remember the days when every year was a “year of mobile”? Perhaps you can recall Andreessen Horowitz, the famous US-based VC, exclaiming that “mobile is eating the world”? Today, mobile apps are entrepreneurs’ bread and butter. If you’re serious about doing business online, establishing a mobile presence […]

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